On my way to Idaho

On my way to Idaho
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Friday, December 14, 2012

"I'm sorry Ma'am, but, we don't see people like you"

Uhhh? What? WHAT!? <

"What do you mean  - 'You don't see people like me'?"

I am so freakishly angry right now I can barely type.<

*breathe - breathe - breathe*

O.K. So, here the long and short of it.

Yes, I just tried to make an appointment for a service we all use and need regularly and I was told by office manager (after being transferred through two other people first, and put on hold  three times for no less then 11&1/2 sappy musak Christmas carols = about 35 minutes) that they -

 "don't see people like me."

Stop for a minute. Think. Just what does that conjured up in your mind?


What ever it is you thought of I am 100% sure it is not a happy image, nor is it one where the party of the second part - the ones who "don't see people like me" are doing what they are doing because understand what I need and want to help the party of the first part - me. But that is what the woman said. They don't see "people like me" at her office, but, she was willing to magnanimoisuly do me the favor of calling around to find someone who did - a specialist even!

What kind of people am I?

An amputee. Technically I am a left leg knee disarticulation - my knee was dicessted apart and the bottom half of my leg removed to save my life. Functionally I am an above the knee amputee.

And who is it that donesn't "see people like me"?

Board Certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in shoulder, elbow, knee, and sports medicine.

According to the office manager of this spiffy doctor I should be seeing someone who specializes in amputee's problems. O.K., so explain to me just what problems do amputees collectively deal with; aside from obtuse nudnicks?


O.K.  - feeling better now; but still


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