On my way to Idaho

On my way to Idaho
The Road Less Traveled . . .

Monday, July 16, 2012

Greetings from St Andrews.

Life has been busy - so what's new - isn't that the perpetual state of things?
Yes, I am in St Andrews, Scotland! Going on two weeks now. It has been a great visit.
I am brought to the lovely East Coast to participate in the School of Theology Conference on Galatians. I spent most of last week shut up in conference rooms with eminent theologians and philosophers. My paper was on Coptic Ions, a subject rather at the fringe of the central themes of the discussion -- I felt like a duck crashing a convocation of owls.

Oh, well. My paper went well, I have learned a lot, and have discovered new areas of input for my research to explore.

It rained buckets and buckets all during the conference, but the past few days the sky has cleared just so that I can spend hours and hours tramping all over town sketching and taking pictures.

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