On my way to Idaho

On my way to Idaho
The Road Less Traveled . . .

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Up and 'running' with help from my friends

Well, three years ago I was told I would never get one of these. My doctor and the prosthetist I was working with at the time both seemed to think that the particular nuances of my age (hey!!) and stage (harrumph!) in life, together with the limitations of the knee dis-articulation didn't mean I qualified for nor did I need such a locomotive 'hot rod'   Fortunately, Lance, my magic leg guy, at J & K Orthopedics, Inc. and Dr. Goldman believed differently. (actually I think the words -"if you don't help me get a leg that can pretend to keep up with me, I will have to take *this* one off and beat you with it" - shared with them during consultations may have influenced them somehow).

This is a C Leg; a hydraulic prosthetic knee with a computer microprocessor chip.  His name is 'Sugar' (from C & H - pure cane sugar, from Hawaii . . . ) I had Sugar a week and Troy, my Physical Therapist all ready has me doing stairs. (eeek and ya-hoo at the same time)

Now - does any one have 10 grand they want to give me so I can get a running leg!!;-D

The Ronnie Dickson Project: Amputee Climbing

Amputee Climbing