On my way to Idaho

On my way to Idaho
The Road Less Traveled . . .

Saturday, March 19, 2011


So, I just got home from the two day conference on War and Peace (see previous post); as I turn into my driveway I see my neighbors have a big sign nailed to the tree in their front yard loudly exclaiming-

"The most violent element in society is Ignorance"

Are they trying to tell me something? Should I have taken better notes at the conference? Asked more questions of the presenters?Paid better attention to their Power Point slides? Not eaten that second brownie for lunch?

Oh, I see; while I spent the day huddled up in a windowless room listening to panels of National Security advisers, Military strategists, conscientious objectors, soldiers, veterans, returned Peace Corp volunteers, students, philosophers, academics and religious leaders discussing things like Just-War doctrine, non-violent conflict resolution, historical perspectives regarding role of religion in conflict, Peace studies, and more, all towards the end of getting the hawks and the doves to fly together a neo-nazi rally was parading up and down the streets of my town protesting against - -

Well do I really have to go in to that?  But, it is certainly ironic and I do like the stand my neighbors made on behave of my side of the street. Thank You!

Now. I am very tired. My head is full of theory and possibilities and I am starving.

"Sad World"a picture my son drew some years ago of the World crying because people were not being nice to each other
Oh, and the 'wave' of white curling up around the World are Flocks of Angels coming to give it a hug.

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