On my way to Idaho

On my way to Idaho
The Road Less Traveled . . .

Friday, March 18, 2011


Yes, I live!  It is a beautiful Spring day, about time I came out of hibernation - social media hibernation that is.

How am I spending this fine Spring day you ask? Weeding and feeding my tulips; taking a walk through the local botanical garden, chillin' with a novel over a lovely salad and Roobois tea at the local outdoor cafe - - - ?

At the moment I am sitting in Albrecht Auditorium - a windowless theater seating conference room on the Claremont Graduate University campus. "War and Peace in our times: Mormon Perspectives" a two day acdemic conference sponsored by CGU's Mormon Studies Program.    War and Peace - Mormon Perspectives

Courious place to come out of my social media cocoon, I know - but not really. I love to study and learn, I love people, I love adventure, I love sharing the beautiful things of the world. 

Sooo -  - - Carpe Deim

A scholarly confab with soldiers, natinal security personel, ivory tower academics, interesting religious prespectives etc -

In this day and age. If I want to pursue and share the things I love, learning about the priciples that goven the movements of war and peace is a "Must Know."

Still - this room really needs a couple windows . . .. sorry dear presenter your spiffy Power Point just can't compare with one of my favorite peaceful vistas!

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