On my way to Idaho

On my way to Idaho
The Road Less Traveled . . .

Thursday, November 25, 2010


It is that week here in the U.S. of A. Started  388 years ago by William Bradford, Governor of the Plymouth Colony.  Fall of 1662, Bradford declared the third Thursday of the month of November as a day dedicated to gratitude. Gratitude to God, to life, to fellowman, to the blessings of the earth . . .  -  William Bradford Plymouth Governor (this is a link to wikipedia; of which I am not a big fan. But, this is a good basic review of William Bradford's life)

The every core of what was to become the United Sates of America can be found in sum of Bradford's life as a family man, a leader of his people, a disciple of Jesus Christ.  It is not politically correct to draw attention to such things these days.


Another gentlemen whose life like Bradford's reveals all things which are core to the liberties of man and the founding of the U.S. of A. is John Quincy Adams. 

Men have faults. Bradford and Adams had thier share. However, Adams once said -

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

Despite all our faults and shortcomings we can, and indeed I think it is a divine mandate to live so as to inspire others.

So, I would like to stretch the last word of Adams' quote - 'leader' - to include teacher, mentor, hero, friend.

All week I have been thinking the many people who have and do made me want to become more. Family, instructors, business colleagues, friends, Doctors. Some of you I know well, some formally, some as brief chance encounters. Thank you, thank you for inspiring me, supporting me, challenging me to try harder, for encouraging me, validating me; making me laugh, making me think, making me do above and beyond my preconceived limits  - - - Thank you from the bottom of my heart to -

- William Bradford
- John Quincy Adams
- the US militia (the everyman) and the US Military (the trained solder) who gave, and protect my liberties
- My Dad
- My Mom
- Earl Madsen
- Nina Madsen
- Maggie Wands
- Susan P. Zobell
- Dr. Sant P. Chawla
- My 6th grade teacher
- Sis. Menlove
- My scuba diving partner, HI, '80
- Aunt Nellie
- 11th grade World History teacher
- Uncle Ronald
- George Smith
- T.S.
- Andrea Hofeling
- Debra Jones
- Jo Gartenberg
- Karen Kulzer
- Tom
- James C. Christensen
- My Grandparents
- O.C. Card
- Karen Sanchez
- Patrick Stinson
- Becka Mansfield
- Lance Clawson
- Phyllis Case Bennett
- Jan
- Kat Sgiers
- LaVeta Kirby
- Susan and Dale Moyers
- All my P.T.'s
- Csongor Vasvary
- Marjohna Madsen
- Asioli
- Sheri Pliz
- Marilyn B. Oveson
- Beth Tracy
- Corina Christiansen
- Pat Horn
- Professor Anderson
- Fellow travelers on GWC Europe Tour 2005
- Pam Taylor
- Rick Terry
- Karen Kindrick
- Fiona McCloud
- Lady sitting be me in the waiting room at Princess Margaret Hospital
- Julie Earley
- Katie Munday
- Dominene
- Steven
- Justin
- Vicki
- Tammi Schnieder
- Dr. Terry Peterson
- Fox River Academy of Music and Art
- John Madsen
- Eulalio Hernandez
- Tiafu Purcell
- Christopher Hiatt
- Ben Siegel
- Roni Weinstein-Jaco
- Pres. Jesperson
- Ryan Fisher
- Kendall Arts Guild
- Andrea Peacock Brown
- Professor Fassbeck
- Gawdat Gabra
- Denis Mori
- Wilma Koldwyn
- Janice
- Gary, my love

(I been adding names all day long, in no particular order as names come to mind; and, this list is by no means limited to those named above.  This Thanksgiving day is turning into late evening and it is time to make this post)

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