On my way to Idaho

On my way to Idaho
The Road Less Traveled . . .

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Goodhearted People

Here I sit eating lunch between classes. I 'ran' over the Halgerbargars, the campus dining center for a BLT wrap with avacado. By 'ran' I mean I carefully and slowly walk across the parking lot to the McMannus building then climb a two stage flight of stairs. I 'one-step' the stairs -- step up with the right foot then bring the prothestic foot up -- cane in one hand other hand firmly ahold of the railing.

Halgerbargers is a busy place at noon. On a typical trek to get my lunch I will cross paths with a dozen or more people dashing up and down those same stairs in a hurry to get their lunch and make it to their next class by one PM.

As I proceed on my quest for lunch I have to be very aware of people coming and going around me; especially on the stairs. Understandably I present an obstacle; people are in a hurry and tend to dash and dart around me. I am adept at walking and keeping my balance with my prosthesis. However this darting and dashing around the cripple lady can easily throw me off balance and create a fall hazard.

So, I plan on taking my time, watching and predicting how people are moving, stepping aside to let them run ahead of me, and, I hold on tightly to the stair railing.

Today as I started up the stairs there were four people coming up behind me.  I moved far to the left, there was aplenty of room for them to scamper past me, but they didn't. All four of them slowed down and waited for me to climb the stairs. As I got to the top, a lady carefully stepped around me to open and hold the door for me.

I ordered my lunch. The cashier always graciously has a sack ready for me; making it easier to carry my lunch back to the class room.

Then, as I approached the door on my way out, a young man stepped forward opening and holding the door for me. This young man and his two friends stayed behind me as I made my way down the stairs one by one.

Well, what can I say but - thank you thank you thank you.  How wonderful to cross paths with such goodhearted people. Along with the beautiful blue sky, bright sunshine, and the refreshing cool breeze; your kindness has made my day!

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