On my way to Idaho

On my way to Idaho
The Road Less Traveled . . .

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grad School here I come!

A packed and eventful Summer is officially coming to and end. I know, I know is it 26 days yet until the the Autumn equinox, the day's are still long, the night's bright and warm. it will be ice cream and snow cone season for at least another four weeks or so.

Well, school starts tomorrow, and not just for the kids. Part of my eventful Summer activities was tracking down all the references and materials I needed to apply for Graduate School. There were not a few administrative red tape mis-haps, (my application was 'lost', twice), but all is ready for my first official class tomorrow afternoon.

I am attending the Claremont Graduate University's School of Religion for a Masters in Religion. The degree has a three pronged focus - Critical Comparative Scripture, History of Christianity, and Islamic Studies.


Am I really doing this??

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